The face behind Optionz Beauty

After leaving school at 16 I always dreamt of working in an office so I completed a Pitmans secretarial course and found a job as an office junior at a printing company. 12 years later I had worked my way up to Office Sales Manager, I remember waking up one morning thinking "I'm 27 years old this career is not for me anymore, I need a challenge" I thought long & hard about what to do and decided to train as a web page designer. The college at the time also held part time waxing courses. Being a hairy person I spent most of my time growing up in and out of salons frequently being waxed so decided that this course would enable me to do my own waxing at home. As soon as I started my waxing at college my teacher was so impressed with my skills. she encouraged me to take it up as a career!  I started off doing mobile, however realised very quickly it was not very cost effective.  That's when I decided to have my own premises and so the journey began...

After 8 very successful years at my 1st premises I was forced to move out, I worked in the Crown Plaza in Marlow for 2 years, however my heart wasn't really there, I wanted to get back into High Wycombe!  An exciting opportunity arose with one of the most nationally and internationally recognised hairdressers. I couldn't wait to team up with Toni & Guy as we share the same vision in professionalism.  After 5 years situated at Toni & Guy, an opportunity came to finally have my own salon and grow!  And boy what a journey it has been, now I can can proudly  say I have my very own  amazing Dream Team, I have grown my salon into a friendly and professional salon, we take pride in our work and love to deliver our skills!

20 years on, Optionz have grown with the best Experts in Hair, Beauty, Lash Extensions & Nail Care! 

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