Waxing leaves your skin soft, smooth and hair free. But how do you make your wax last and make it a more comfortable experience? We have compiled a list of waxing before and aftercare tips and tricks on how to prepare the waxing area for a more seamless experience, how to care for the area after your wax and how to prevent ingrown hairs.

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Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing of ANY area of the body, bikini or face is our speciality, Jazz our waxing expert has over 21 years experience in the field! with Hollywood and Brazilian wax being her most popular and requested treatment in the salon.  Jazz is the most experienced waxing therapists in High Wycombe and one of the very first salons in High Wycombe to do intimate waxing!).


We have different types of waxes depending on the clients skin type, from Hot-Wax (great for sensitive skin - only suitable for smaller areas, also less painful) to Warm-Wax (great for thick tough hair on legs and larger parts of body) 


PLEASE NOTE when booking as HOT WAX takes longer and is slightly more in cost.

Please don’t be embarrassed because we certainly aren’t, if there are hairs you want rid of then WE ARE YOUR SALON – WE LOVE TO WAX! Jazz our highly skilled and experienced waxing therapist specialise in four different styles of bikini wax.

Many of our clients comment on how our Hot-Wax is less painful than other waxes that they’ve had before, and give the best, most thorough results