Eyebrow Plucking

From eyebrows waxing, threading, microblading to LVL Lashes & Lash Extensions!  Come to the experts in all things Brows & Lashes, with over 20 years experience in the industry rest asured you are in very safe, trained & experienced hands!  Here at Optionz Beauty in High Wycombe, we create your own unique customer brows & lashes!

Eyebrow Treatment
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Eyelash Extensions

Optionz Beauty is one of the best lash salons in High Wycombe. Having performed over 1000 sets of eyelashes ranging from Classic Lashes, 2D to 6D Heavy volume, we are one of the first salons in High Wycombe to introduce Heavy Volume Technique. We provide professional and friendly environment as well as sound consultative advice. Our warm welcome and attention to details always gives you the best possible experience. Our staff are fully qualified and highly experienced therapists and always stay at the forefront of all latest techniques in eyelash industry. Our gallery speaks for it self!

LVL Lash Lift: Get up and go without any prep time! A lash lift, especially when paired with a tint, is a quick way to get stunning results without any mascara or those scary eyelash curlers. Lash lift results last up to eight weeks, so you are good to go any time of day.  Go ahead Enhance your natural beauty at Optionz in High Wycombe.

Eyelash Enhancement:i Gives more definition to your lashline implanting microdots in between your lashes so creating the appearance of thicker lashes, widening your eyes.

Eyelash enhancement can be applied to either or both your upper and lower lash line. Very subtle and ultra pretty.


Microblading or Semi Permanent Shaded Brows:   Both treatments are semi-permanent. Microbladed are great if you are looking for a more natural stroke finish and Shaded brows are great for oily skin also if you would like a more fuller shaded look.​

​Your Brows will be totally individual and personalised to you. We want you to have the best brows you’ve always dreamed of and that are perfect for YOUR face. Every microblading eyebrow treatment I create for my clients is personalised. There is no one size fits all where brows are concerned.  During your custom consultation we will establish what you hope to achieve from your eyebrow treatment, we will also get an idea of your makeup routine and lifestyle.

Do you draw your eyebrows on everyday or just special occasions?

Do you like very defined brows or do you prefer something more subtle?

A lot of our clients have over plucked eyebrows and now want a fuller eyebrow. I can create subtle to defined and anything in between.

Once we determine the perfect, customised shape for you, we then draw it on using an eyebrow pencil so you get an idea of the shape and the best colour of the enhancement before I start.

Our goal is to create beautiful eyebrows that match the symmetry of your face and look very natural.  

A lot of clients ask, “Does it hurt?” The answer is: no, I would say more slight discomfort. Some clients describe the feeling as scratchy and others like slight pressure.


A numbing cream is applied to the area after the 1st pass to minimise any discomfort! Whatever the feeling, you leave the salon with the most amazing eyebrows, so it’s all worth it in the end!


Once we are happy with the measurements we begin! 


Each client takes an aftercare kit home with them in order to fully equip them with all the tools they will need to take care of their eyebrows in the days following the procedure. Included in this kit are full instructions in case anything I have explained throughout the procedure is forgotten.


My clients are then encouraged to come back after a 6 - 8  weeks to have a  top up.